Ouran High School Club


Haruhi Fujioka is a scholarship student at Ouran High School, a fictional school located in Bunkyō, Tokyo. Because of the superlative cost of the school uniform, Haruhi resorts to wearing long slacks, polo shirts and vests. Combined with her large glasses and tousled short hair, Haruhi’s look causes her to be confused for a boy.

Looking for a quiet place to study, Haruhi stumbles upon the Third Music Room, a place where the Ouran high school host club gathers, a group of six extremely attractive male students. During their first meeting, Haruhi accidentally knocks over and breaks a vase valued at ¥8,000,000 and is told she was in debt to them for her action. She then joins the club, dressed like a boy in order to pay off her debt.[1] (In the United States English manga the amount is US$80,000).[2]

The Ouran Private Academy encompasses kindergarten to twelfth grade. Most students come from wealthy families but, in rare occasions, special scholarships are granted to students from a lower income bracket. The school’s unofficial motto is “Lineage counts first, wealth a close second,” meaning students with stellar family backgrounds are given top priority over those from rich families but low social status.


Tamaki thought up the Host Club while in ninth grade and started it upon entering the Ouran High School. The members of the Host Club are highest ranking students at the school. At Ouran High School, class is determined by lineage and intelligence (“A” is the highest class and “D” the lowest usually consisting of the kids of Yakuza leaders).

All the members are in class A and tend to be number one or two in their class coming from the wealthiest families in Japan with the exception of the twins and Haruhi. The twins are ranked fourth and fifth in their class and Haruhi is a scholarship student receiving the special privilege of being in class A due to her scholarship status (she is ranked number one in her year).

Customers have the freedom to choose which host will entertain them, playing to their specific needs and interests.Each member of the host club is a special “type” which suits different customers.

Hikaru and Kaoru Hitachiin and “Hunny” and “Mori” also show off respective close relationships to please or entertain customers although in the sincerity of these relationship’s are somewhat suspect.

Also Takashi Morinozuka, called “Mori” follows Mitsukuni Haninozuka, called “Hunny” as a best friend. Twins Kaoru and Hikaru Hitachiin stick together and think everyone else around them are uneducated outsiders.

Tamaki Suoh is the leader of the club, and its creator and Kyoya Ootori manages all the events for the club.

The Third Music Room has been outfitted by the Club to accommodate their business and, sometimes, it has a specific theme, ranging from a tropical paradise to a traditional picnic, to heighten the customers’ pleasure and keep things interesting.

Haruhi Fujioka

Age 15, is the main character of the series. She is an intelligent but poor first-year student attending exclusive Ouran High School on a special scholarship that requires her rank first in her class. One day, while looking for a quiet place to study, she stumbles upon the Ouran Host Club and accidentally breaks an expensive vase belonging to the famed Host Club and must work off her debt as a host for them; to do this, she must disguise herself as a boy, which she finds easy to do because she does not feel that her gender dominates her personality.

She soon realizes she enjoys acting as a host to other girls, which she takes to naturally, though she does not like taking time away from studying and finds the antics of the other hosts extremely irritating. Although habitually quiet and unflappable, she has a deep fear of thunderstorms. Haruhi lives with her okama (crossdressing) father and has become skilled in household chores due to her mother’s death when she was 6.

Although her independent, straight-forward personality clashes with those of the other, more outgoing hosts, Haruhi becomes friends with them, especially the Hitachiin twins, who are in her class, a fact that is exceedingly troublesome to the Host Club King, Tamaki. Her home was formatted after a former Hatori residence. In chapter 57 of the manga Haruhi realizes that she has feelings for Tamaki.

Birthday: February 4

Tamaki Suou

Age17, is a second-year student at Ouran High School and the founder and president of the Host Club. While flamboyant and narcissistic (Suō means “rightfully becoming king” or “to become a king”), he is very dedicated to his duty as a host. He is the Prince type to “entertain” customers. He is partial to classic piano music and plays quite well, one of his favorites being Mozart‘s Sonata for Two Pianos in D major.

He, like Hunny, also has a stuffed animal, a teddy called Kuma-chan). The main comic relief character of the series, Tamaki can be viewed as outspoken and naive for his age, especially since he only views himself as an obsessive father figure to Haruhi, when in reality he’s in love with her.

Mei (as well as Hunny) points out his naivete when it comes to how he truly feels about Haruhi, and the rest of the club sees this too; this applies to his overall dense approach to his own feelings though he is very perceptive about other people’s. He often gets jealous of other boys who get close to her and admires her when she shows her natural abilities. Haruhi eventually realizes that she is in love with Tamaki, while Tamaki is still clueless about it.

Tamaki is half-Japanese and half-French, and lives with his father, the wealthy superintendent of Ouran Academy. They both live separately from his French mother because of a deal between his mother and his bitterly cold paternal grandmother. Despite his grandmother being the reason he can’t see his mother, he is very gentle to her, and is constantly trying to get her to accept him as a part of the Suoh family.

As of the latest manga chapters, he has befriended and become close to Megumi Kasanoya, a princess who is suffering from family troubles and who he realizes is someone he cannot help because she is even worse off than him. He has rejected her twice but his feelings toward her to be extending once again into a protective family-type of assurance. His full name is revealed in chapter 55 to be Rene Tamaki Richard Grantaine. Towards the ending of chapter 67, Tamaki finally realizes that he is in love with Haruhi (not as her ‘father’ but as a man.)

Birthday: April 8

Kyoya Ootori

Age 17, is a second-year student at Ouran High School and the cunning and sly vice-president of the Host Club. Kyoya is best friends with Tamaki, despite their completely different demeanors. Tamaki tends to call him “Mommy”, or “Mother”, in reference to Tamaki calling himself “Daddy”.

Kyoya is secretive and intelligent, being able to calculate any benefits that would come out of the Host Club’s misadventures. Despite having quite antagonistic traits, the Host Club wouldn’t be as half as successful without Kyoya’s uptight resourcefulness. Although he doesn’t put an act for the women, he is considered the “cool type.”

He lives with his father, an affluent zaibatsu owner specializing in hospital management, two brothers that he has to surpass to become his father’s successor, and an older sister who deeply cares about him.

Birthday: November 22

Hikaru Hitachiin and Kaoru Hitachiin

Age 16, are first-year students at Ouran High School. They are depicted as mischievous, devious, and otherwise childish young men who often toy with fellow classmate and Host Club member, Haruhi. However, as they get to know her better, they start to care for her deeply, especially since they discovered that Haruhi can tell them apart even when they mess up their hair (the easiest way to tell them apart is the way they part their hair), something that no one has ever done before.

When they were very young, a maid they were close to betrayed them, and when they asked her if she could play the “Which one is Hikaru?” game, she denied, telling them instead that no one may ever be able to tell them apart. They believed that no one could possibly win the game, and that no one cared about them enough to really try.

Tamaki Suoh, however, in their last year of middle school, repeatedly followed them, tossing out random guesses as to who was Hikaru and who was Kaoru to get them to join the Host Club, citing his intuition each time. Finally they crumbled, and decided to just try out the Host Club, and thus took a step towards a wider world, also developing a deep bond with Tamaki.

For this reason, they were originally cynical to the world before joining the Host Club, believing that anyone who is not the other twin cannot possibly compare to their bond. Additionally, because their parents were often away, they developed a deep dependence on each other through loneliness, but seem to open up to others recently, thus their relationship with Haruhi is a large part of their life.

The Hitachiin twins show many instances of “brotherly love” (or twincest, as later mentioned in the manga) which gets girls to fall for them left and right. They are the little devil type to attract customers. However, they do have their differences.

Kaoru is nicer, more mature, and considerate to the thoughts of others, while Hikaru is more childish and immature, although Hikaru is the older. Kaoru also chooses not to go after his feelings for Haruhi so that Hikaru can realize his own feelings first. The personality differences are only shown when they are separated, and there is a slight difference in the way they speak.

They live with their mother, Yuzuha, a fashion designer, and their considerably meeker father, a computer software designer. Both have a crush on Haruhi, but in the end Kaoru realizes that his brother is more important to him, so he gives up on Haruhi.

Birthday: June 9

Mitsukuni Haninozuka

Age 17, usually called Hunny is a third-year at Ouran High School depicted as a very childish and cake-loving boy who is much older than his elementary school appearance would indicate.

In the anime, there is a scene which shows the true strength and power Honey possesses and it is said that he has been told by Japan’s Defense Minister not to show his full power for fear of other countries thinking Japan held a weapon of mass destruction, causing the other countries to fire missiles at Japan (see episode 18 in the anime).

Hunny is often around his cousin, Mori, who is very close to him. Honey lives with his father, the owner of a famous dojo and his little brother, Yasuchika, with whom he is often at odds. Hunny is very fond of eating sweets and his room is full of stuffed animals. He always carries around a plush bunny named Bun-Bun.

He used to hide his true self (with much difficulty) by being a “real man” for some time, but after Tamaki convinced him that liking cute things wasn’t bad, he soon realized that there was absolutely no need for him to do that. Then, together with Mori, he joined the host club, attracting customers with his shotacon cuteness.

He is also a very strong fighter, often sending people flying with one kick. He was originally intended to have a extreme dual personality. However, the “crouching in the corner, depressed” stance was reassigned from him to Tamaki. He is also shown to be similar in looks and personality to Momiji Sohma from Fruits Basket. Coincidentally, both characters are voiced by the same seiyū.

Birthday: February 29

Takashi Morinozuka

Age 18, usually called Mori, is a third-year at Ouran High School. Mori is depicted as tall, quiet and somewhat intimidating, but he is very protective of Hunny (who he calls by his first name, Mitsukuni, and vice versa). It was seen in the anime and manga where Hunny had a toothache. Mori blamed himself for not reminding Hunny to brush his teeth. He then restricted Hunny from eating candy until he had a filling for his cavity. Hunny ended up judo-throwing Mori to the floor in a fit of anger, but they made up soon afterward.

The Morinozuka family had protected and served the Haninozuka family for many generations. As the two families were joined by marriage two generations back, the families became related to each other, thus breaking the master-servant tradition.

Nevertheless, Mori still faithfully protects Hunny and is always by his side, attending to his wishes and watching out for him; his protective personality extends to his classmates and the host club members, resulting in his gaining a certain level of respect.

Although as a host, he is considered the “wild” type (changed to the strong, silent type in the dub, most likely to make it less confusing as it’s not explained why he’s the wild type), he normally doesn’t try to woo girls. The girls like how he cares for Hunny, and shyer customers are attracted to his tall physique and taciturn personality.

In the manga, he has a more outgoing little brother, Satoshi Morinozuka, who does not appear in the anime. Mori’s hobbies include kendo, of which he is the national champion. In the manga, it is revealed that he becomes uncharacteristically talkative and flirtatious when he is tired. Also in the later chapters, he raises a chick he names Piyo and also takes in a stray tanuki.

Birthday: May 5


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