Hunter X Hunter

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The story of Hunter × Hunter focuses on a young boy named Gon Freecss, who one day discovers that the father he had always been told was dead was alive and well. He learns that his father, Ging Freecss, is a legendary Hunter, a person that has proven themselves by examination to be an elite member of humanity, with a license to go anywhere or do anything.

Despite the fact that his father abandoned Gon with his relatives in order to pursue his dreams, Gon becomes determined to follow in his father’s footsteps, pass the Hunter examination, and eventually find his father, to prove himself as a Hunter in his own right.

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Although Gon‘s search for his father is initially presented as the plot for Hunter × Hunter, the actual narrative of Hunter × Hunter is that of a coming of age story focusing on the four main characters. Each of these four youth has his own reasons for becoming a Hunter, and each undergoes both physical and emotional growth.

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gon3.jpg Gon Freecss

A young boy who wishes to become a hunter to find his father, the legendary hunter Ging Freecss. Ging had left Gon in his aunt’s care since birth. Gon is a headstrong optimistic youth with extraordinary senses of smell and hearing, sharp instincts, and an innate understanding for animals.

Gon starts with an unusual choice of weaponry – a fishing rod. After learning nen, he switches to relying on his Hatsu ability, the Jajanken.  

Nen Type : Reinforcement

Nen Ability : Knuckle

Character Profile

killua4.jpg Killua Zaoldyeck

Born to the Zaoldyeck family of assassins, Killua is considered the genius of his generation. He is named as the heir to his family due to his amazing talent, and has been trained and raised since birth to take over the Zaoldyeck family business of assassination and is already a professional assassin even at his young age.

Killua joined the Hunter exam after running away from home, and by chance meets and befriends Gon. He is a very agile and strong fighter with just his bare hands, carrying his family’s characteristic immunity to poisons and electricity. He later bases his transformation type Hatsu ability on electricity.

His original killing ability was to ‘adjust’ his hand therefore sharpening his nails. This allows him to slice up his opponents and/or pluck out vital organs. He also knows a technique called the ‘rhythm echo’, which creates a series of after images of him through a varying cadence of steps. Later, he learns to fight with a yo-yo and electric shocks.

Nen Type : Transformation

Nen Ability :  Thunderbolt

Character Profile :

kurapica7.jpg Kurapika

The last living member of the Kuruta clan, Kurapika has made it his life goal to hunt down and destroy the group responsible for his tribe’s destruction – the Genei Ryodan (also known as the Phantom Troupe). His tribe was renowned for their eyes – which would turn flaming scarlet in times of anger or emotional agitation. The so-called ‘scarlet eyes’ (also known as Kuruta eyeballs) were considered a priceless treasure among body-part collectors, which is what prompted the Genei Ryodan to destroy them.

Kurapika enters the Hunters Exam because he believes becoming a Blacklist Hunter will give him the necessary resources to fight the Genei Ryodan. Kurapika is in general calm and level-headed, preferring to think before leaping into battles. He is also a strong fighter – a huge boost in strength and agility being a side effect of his tribe’s scarlet eyes. After being taught nen, Kurapika develops the ability to use two nen types – his usual materialization type, and a specialization type that comes into effect only when his eyes turn scarlet.

The specialization type allows him to use the other five nen types all at 100% efficiency. He takes advantage of this fact while fighting against the Genei Ryodan by tricking them into thinking they are fighting a nen user whose only ability is either manipulating or materializing chains. He doesn’t want anyone to know he was from the clan so he wears black contacts.

Nen Type : Materialization

Nen Ability : Emperor Time “Absolute Mastery”

Character Profile :

leorio1.jpg Leorio  

Leorio claimed that he joined the Hunter exam solely for money. Later, he reveals that it is because he wishes to become a doctor, and needs the money to pay for school fees. He had once lost a very close friend (Pietro) to a debilitating illness only because he had lacked the money to pay for a cure, and now aspires to become a doctor who is able to cure the poor without needing to charge.

He is not so much of an experienced or talented fighter like most of the other Hunter Examinees, but is by no means weak. He is actually revealed to be physically stronger than Gon or Kurapika. He too, came to learn of nen after passing the Hunter exam. However, he has (at current) chosen to put aside his nen training so he can fulfill his goal of becoming a doctor. Before showing Gon and Killua his Nen he thought that all there was to nen was “ten,” one of its four aspects; however, he was corrected by Gon and Killua. 

Nen Type : Emission                                                                   

Character Profile :


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