Law of Ueki

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Junior High School student Ueki Kosuke has a strange ability: he can turn anything that he believes to be garbage into a tree. This ability was given to him by his homeroom teacher, a man named Kobayashi.

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Ueki manages to keep his ability a secret until one day when his classmate, Hori Ai, finds out about it. Mori initially had been following him in order to debunk his true character, but begins to help him when she sees the sacrifice he must make to use his talent.


Ueki soon finds himself embroiled in a battle of 100 participants, one of which is his teacher, Kobayashi. Each of the participants in the tournament must choose a champion from their students and give them a special ability, as Kobayashi had to Ueki.

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The abilities that were chosen, such as the skill to turn a towel into iron, give the student receiving it a better chance of winning the tournament. The participants in the tournament must then make their student champions fight each other. Whoever student wins will become the next “god”, and his student will receive a “blank ability” that can become any ability at all.



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