Magic Knight Rayearth

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Magic Knight Rayearth has two plots running in parallel: what happens while the girls strive to become magic knights and the real reason that they have been called in the first place. The other half of the story, namely the real circumstances that has plunged Cephiro to the brink of destruction, is slowly revealed between flashbacks and interludes of Emeraude and the High Priest Zagato, her captor.

The primary protagonists of Rayearth, Hikaru Shidou, Umi Ryuuzaki, Fu Hououji and Mokona.

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The first story begins when three girls from separate schools, all on field trips to Tokyo Tower, are blinded by a flash of light and hear a voice calling for the Legendary Magic Knightsto save Cephiro. The characters fall through the sky into another world, known as Cephiro or Zephyr.


They meet a sorcerer, Master Mage Clef, who gives them magic and explains to them the peril of Cephiro. He says,”Here, one’s will has the ability to change reality for better or for worse. The dark fears in people’s hearts become monsters, while a well-intended wish can do miracles. One person, the Pillar, whose will is stronger than anyone else’s, is responsible for maintaining through her prayers the well-being of Cephiro.”

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In this story arc, the current Pillar, Princess Emeraude, has been captured by her high priest, Zagato. The three girls are charged with the task of saving the Princess (and thus the pillar and the fate of Cephiro) by activating the three rune-gods of Cephiro, and are given a bizarre creature named Mokona to guide them on their journey. When the girls finally reach Emeraude, they learn that she had fallen in love with Zagato, hindering her ability to pray solely for Cephiro’s well-being, and had summoned the Magic Knights to kill her since no one on Cephiro could harm the Pillar.

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The second story arc is based on the events that occur near the end of the original series dealing with the aftermath of the first season’s climax: three warring planets began their attempts to conquer Cephiro and a new Pillar had to be chosen before the whole planet was destroyed. Hikaru, Umi, and Fuu are once again summoned to Cephiro.


In the manga it is later discovered that the mysterious Mokona is responsible for their being summoned back to Cephiro, and he is, in fact, the creator of both the Earth and Cephiro. In the anime they return to Cephiro because of their (especially Hikaru’s) strong desire to do so. Eventually, Hikaru is chosen to become the new Pillar. However, she rebels against the Pillar system, deciding that the fate of the planet should not be the responsibility of only one person, effectively preventing that person from ever being able to live and love freely.

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The ending of this series is somewhat disappointing. Why do some Japanese anime have to end like the way this one did? All those exciting events seem to have ended so suddenly that I felt a sudden rush of dissatisfaction.

I was holding on to the moment when Hikaru and Lantis would finally admit to each other’s feelings. But as I thought it was nearing that much-awaited part, when I was waiting for them to reach out to their hands, I was as poignantly as hopeful for that to happen when lights blinded them and those three girls were transported back to Tokyo Tower. I was really so shock. I almost cried. That ends the series.  

In totality, this anime is very muct entertaining and worth how many hours of sleepless nights, non-stop watching made me kept the thrill going. Revelation of what is trully the reason why those theree girls were summoned is unexpected. It just keeps the fun rolling.

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