PRETEAR  is about a girl named Himeno Awayuki who aims to live a happy life especially after the death of her mother. Himeno meets Hayate, and eventually discovers that he is one of the seven Leafe Knights.


The group consists of Hayate (Knight of Wind), Sasame (Knight of Sound), Goh (Knight of Fire), Kei (Knight of Light), Mannen (Knight of Ice), Hajime (Knight of Water), and Shin (Knight of Plants). The knights explain that Takako (or Fenrir), the ‘Princess of Calamity’, or ‘Princess of Disaster’, escaped and sent demon larvae (monster worms in Odex translations) to Himeno’s town, and that the Leafe, which the larvae are absorbing, is the energy for all life itself. The only way to destroy the demons is for Himeno to become the Prétear and fight them alongside the Leafe Knights.

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Himeno Awayuki – Pretear

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After her mother’s death and her father’s remarriage, Himeno is thrust into a high-class society life. However, Himeno has great difficulty adjusting to her new life, and is picked on both by her new family, and by her peers at school.

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Himeno’s alienation grows, and she begins to question her place with her new life, she meets Hayate and the other Leafe Knights, who tell her that she’s the Prétear who is needed to save the world. Himeno usually feels distant from her family, like Cinderella. Fittingly, the ‘Hime’ in Himeno’s name means ‘Princess’.

Hayate Knight of Wind Weapon when fused with Pretear: Kaze no Sword/Wind Sword

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Hayate is the Knight of Wind. Hayate is initially hostile towards Himeno, refusing to acknowledge her as the new Prétear due to a past experience. After testing Himeno through various means, Hayate gradually begins to accept her as the Prétear and ironically falls in love with her.

In an attempt to watch-over and protect Himeno, Hayate takes a part time job with her father working on the mansion grounds.

Sasame – Knight of Sound Weapon when fused with Pretear : Oto no Arrow/Arrow of Sound/Sonic Arrow  


Sasame is the Knight of Sound and has a job as a radio personality, addressing people’s problems on the air. Sasame enables Himeno to strengthen her abilities as Prétear, by not only teaching her how to use her powers, such as the Sonic Arrow, but by also providing her with advice.

Sasame later becomes Fenrir’s Knight of Darkness after confessing that he was in love with Takako 16 years ago, pitting him against the Leafe Knights and the Prétear. 

Kei – Knight of Light Weapon when fused with Pretear: Hikari no Chakram/Chakram of Light/Scepter of Light

Kei is the Knight of Light and works at an Electronic Gaming Company. Kei is the most practical and direct of the Knights, which sometimes leads to confrontation. Kei is also a narcissist, as illustrated by the numerous self-depicting toys and pictures in his work cubicle.  


Go Knight of Fire Weapon when fused with Pretear: Hono no Axe/Axe of Fire


Go is the Knight of Fire and works at a restaurant. Adopting a tough-guy technique, Go is typically the one assigning the younger members of the Leafe Knights tasks and threatening them for any misdeeds. He often uses reverse psychology as a tactic to get the younger members to do what he wants. When Himeno assumes Go’s power, she can utilize the Fire Axe.   

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Mannen Knight of Ice Weapon when fused with Pretear: Ice Javelin/Ice Arcubus


Mannen is the Knight of Ice and is the leader of the younger members of the Leafe Knights. Mannen often comes up with clever ideas to solve the Leafe Knight’s problems, including using Shin as bait to find the Pretear.

The older Knights usually get mad at him and claim that he’s too young to help majorly, which only drives Mannen to disobey them more. With his two followers, Hajime and Shin, Mannen died while fighting the Princess of Disaster sixteen years ago and came back as a child.  

Hajime Knight with Water when fused with Pretear: Mizu no Flail/ Water Flail/Water Whip  


Hajime is the Knight of Water and is the second youngest member of the Leafe Knights. He is almost always seen with Mannen and Shin. When Himeno assumes Hajime’s power, she can utilize the Water Flail.  

Shin – Knight of Plants 

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Shin is the youngest member of the Leafe Knights and is the Knight of Plants. He uses his abilities to seal away Demon Larvae, as well as using the spell ‘Beyondios’ to create a separate dimension so that when the knights and the Prétear are battling Demon Larvae, they do not harm the surrounding environment.

Like the other two younger Knights, Shin died sixteen years ago while fighting the Princess of Disaster and was reborn.   

Takako a.k.a. Mikage / Fenrir, the Princess of Disaster  

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Mikage is one of the maids at the Awayuki estate. She is often seen throughout the series helping Himeno, including providing advice.

However, she is found out by Sasame that she is in fact Takako, the former Prétear. Takako was the former Prétear and was in love with Hayate. When Hayate confessed that he didn’t reciprocate her love, her powers as Prétear turned towards evil, thus becoming Fenrir, the Princess of Disaster.

As Fenrir, her ultimate goal was to destroy the world by taking away the Leafe that preserved all life. She employs the use of Demon Larvae, Transport demon and eventually Sasame, when he became her Knight of Darkness, to obtain her goal.

After she comes back to her senses after Himeno preaching to her and becomes ‘good’ again, Takako returns to being a normal human, and is assumed to be an item with Sasame.   

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