Yamabuki Middle School is a national caliber tennis team in the manga and anime Prince of Tennis. They first appear in the semi-finals of the Prefecturals Tournament Arc, facing Fudomine Middle School. They easily beat Fudomine, due to the fact the members of the Fudomine team were in a car wreck before the match.  They then play Seishun Academy Middle School. Seishun beats them with a match score of 3-1. They then advance to the Kantou tournament, but lose to Fudomine in the quarterfinals. They still win 5th place, getting them into Nationals, but they lose in the early rounds. 


Kentarou Minami is a 3rd year student and the captain of the team. He is a doubles player who typically plays with Higashikata. They are strong in the basics and use a strategy to pressure opponents.Despite being the captain, Minami is not a very distinguished character and Sengoku is often believed to be the captain instead. This has often been joked about in radio dramas and in the musicals.

Kiyosumi Sengoku is a 3rd year student and vice-captain of the team who is also known as Lucky Sengoku. He is a strong player on the team despite this he is a happy-go-lucky guy. He has a strong tennis sense and extremely sharp eyes. He sees even the fastest moving balls. His strongest weapon is his jumping serve, dubbed “Kohou (Tiger Cannon)”.

After losing against Momoshiro (Seigaku) and Kamio (Fudohmine), he leaves tennis for a short time. [Only in the anime] In this time he throws away all his ways of playing tennis, and focuses on boxing. When he comes back, his new style, “Boxing Tennis” becomes a turning point in his style of play.

Taichi Dan is a 1st year student and the manager of the team. Not much is known about him, except for the fact that he looks up to Akutsu ever since meeting him in the school courts. He wears a green headband, one that Akutsu tossed away in that same encounter and Dan has kept ever since.

Dan is even shorter than Ryoma at 147 centimetres (Ryoma’s 151 cm) and believes he is too short and weak to play tennis. However, thanks to Akutsu’s advice, he eventually decides to quit being a manager and start actually playing tennis. In the anime he copies Ryoma’s style and challenges him to a match. He has a habit of saying “desu” at the end of his sentences.

Jin Akutsu is a 3rd year student and a punk, who was a once-per-decade tennis player. But after the match against Ryoma he has a mild change of heart; while he keeps his rough attitude, he’s more willing to help those who need him, as proved when he helps Ryoma prepare for the Kantou final against Sanada. He also shows up at the middle of the match together with Taichi, who has become his sort-of protegé.

Akutsu uses an incredible playstyle. He uses the unusual flexibility of his body to put high speeds on his shots and hit balls in unnatural positions. Some of his famous techniques are the “Sliding” and the way he disappears and suddenly shows up at the net. He formerly used a style where he aimed the ball at people to win, similar to the style of Akaya Kirihara.

After he loses to Ryoma in the Yamabuki match Akutsu quits tennis, but he shows up after Ryoma’s big loss against Rikkaidai’s Genichirou Sanada and challenging him to a match, claiming that he wanted to see if Ryoma hadn’t turn into a coward. At first Ryoma is losing game after game, but then turns the match around and wins.

Akutsu was raised alone by his mother, Yuuki (he was born when she was only 19 years old, and his father is never mentioned) and has been a friend of Takashi Kawamura for years. They met in a karate dojo they used to attend as children.

Akutsu’s last appearance in the manga is in chapter 330, during the Kawamura v/s Gin Ishida (Shitenhouji) match. Unable to return Ishida’s ultra-powerful shots anymore, a seriously injured Kawamura is sent literally flying towards the crowd much to the horror of his teammates, but Akutsu catches his friend mid-air and saves him from crashing into the seats.

Masami Higashikata is a 3rd year student and Minami’s doubles partner. He is also notably the tallest in the team, measuring at 187 cm and is the other half of the Jimmies.

Ichiuma Kita is a 2nd year student and Nitobe’s doubles partner. He likes tomatoes, and is equally cynical. He has trademark swirls on his cheeks.

Inakichi Nitobe is a 3rd year student and Kita’s doubles partner. He is cynical, sarcastic, and weird. He has a trademark plant protruding out of the top of his head.

Touji Muromachi is a 2nd year student. He is referred to on rajipuri as Yamabuki’s eternal secret weapon, as his matches are usually never shown. Muromachi has a smart mouth and seems to think highly of his senpai, Sengoku.

Tsubasa Nishikiori is a 3rd year student and the replacement for Akutsu after he quits tennis. However, he does not manage to do a lot.



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