Rikkai Daigaku Fuzoku


Rikkai Daigaku Fuzoku , also known as Rikkai Dai, is one of the rival schools in the manga/anime of Prince Of Tennis. They were considered to be the best team before they played Seigaku. Rikkai Dai has won the Japanese National Tournament for the last two years.


TrainingRikkai Daigaku Fuzoku provides its tennis regulars with a lot of equipment for increasing their strength and skills, including a gym, ball machines, and many tennis courts. Rikkai Dai doesn’t have a coach, which shows Sanada’s skills in leadership. Rikkai Dai has a very strict training regimen, which has had spectacular results on the tennis courts. During the semifinal match of the National tournament, Rikkaidi purposely loses the first two matches to Nagoya Seitoku on purpose for the sake of increasing Akaya Kirihara’s strength as a tennis player. After Akaya reveals his progress, Rikkaidi crushes Nagoya in the last two matches 6-1, 6-0.


Tennis team members

Seiichi Yukimura is a third year and the captain of Rikkai Dai. Yukimura, vice captain Genichirou Sanada, and regular Renji Yanagi are known as the Three Demons of Rikkai Dai, since all three joined the regulars when they were first years.In the winter prior to the current school year, he collapsed and was hospitalized. He was diagnosed and treated for Guillain-Barre syndrome, a neurological disease. In the anime, Kippie Tachibana of Fudomine is hospitalized in the same hospital as Yukimura after breaking his leg.

Supposedly Yukimura is the best player on the team, as well as the best junior tennis player in all of Japan–as good as Seigaku captain Kunimitsu Tezuka or even better. Members of the Rikkae team had said once that since Yukimura is not playing now, the best player is Tezuka, showing that they firmly believed in Yukimura’s position as the best player. When the author Takeshi Konomi was asked in one interview who he thought was the best player in the whole story, he answered Yukimura.

However, Yukimura has yet to be shown to be actually playing tennis and even flashback scenes at most only shows him holding a racket, not actually playing; his playstyle is completely unknown at the moment.Yukimura has a delicate and almost feminine appearance, which contrasts with his strong willpower and a rather stern, brutally honest attitude on court. Still, when not on the court, Yukimura is a very kind and friendly person, if still proud and dignified.

After going through a successful surgery on the day Rikkai Dai lost the Kanto Finals to Seigaku, Yukimura has returned to lead his team in the National Tournament. In the nationals Seigaku and Rikkadai have made it to the finals. While Sanada is playing singles 3,usually he plays single 1, it is believed that Yukimura might play singles 1 against Ryoma. 

Genichirou Sanada is the team’s third-year vice captain, and served as the temporary captain while captain Seiichi Yukimura was on leave to treat his illness. Sanada, Yukimura, and Renji Yanagi are known as the Three Demons of Rikkai Dai, as all three joined the regulars when they were first years.Sanada comes from a very traditional family (his grandfather and father are the owners of a famous kendo dojo), is stern and noble, plays with honor, and expects the best from both himself and his teammates.

In fact, he insists that people on his team are not supposed to lose, and there have been instances where he slapped his teammates for either losing or not obeying the Rikkaidai rules off-courts.In the anime, he has the extraordinary ability to swing his racket at an incredibly high speed so that his swings and serves become “invisible”. This renders the opponent unable to predict where the ball will land.

He is characterized as unquestioningly loyal to Yukimura. In the anime, he plays a match with Ryoma Echizen before the actual match and crushes him 6-0. However, in the manga, Akaya Kirihara plays Echizen before the match, and Sanada slaps Kirihara when he finds out both because Kirihara didn’t ask him for permission and, more importantly, because he lost.

Renji Yanagi Third-year is also known as the Data Master, as he is a data specialist. Renji, captain Seiichi Yukimura, and vice captain Genichirou Sanada are known as the Three Demons of Rikkai Dai, as all three joined the regulars when they were first years. Yanagi usually plays Singles 3, but is still an excellent doubles player; he has played doubles with Sanada, and lately with Masaharu Niou.

Before entering Rikkai Dai, Renji lived in Tokyo and was the friend and former doubles partner of Seigaku’s Sadaharu Inui. Inui used to call him ‘kyojyu’ (Japanese for ‘professor’), and in return, Yanagi called him ‘hakase’ (‘doctor’). He keeps his eyes perpetually half-closed just as Inui hides his eyes behind his thick glasses.

Yanagi is quiet, mysterious, soft-spoken and has a somewhat acid sense of humor, though he is somewhat more approachable than the aloof and serious Sanada. Still, Yanagi can be as rough as the other Demons when required; in the manga, he once hit Kirihara for asking him a stupid question in public, and also asked Sanada to slap him after he lost against Inui.

Hiroshi Yagyuu Third-year is known as “The Gentleman” for his seemingly polite demeanor, especially in comparison to his doubles partner Masaharu Niou. His special move in the anime, the Golf Swing, is an adaptation of a golf swing from his days in the golf club prior to his recruitment to the Rikkai Dai tennis team by his current doubles partner.

In the manga, his special move is the Laser Beam, an extremely high speed technique that is difficult to return. Though usually calm, his latent aggressive side is apparent during tennis matches. In the manga, he and his partner Niou pull off a switch where each impersonates the other in appearance, persona, and play style for half the game. He also pulls off a switch with Kaoru Kaidoh in a later incident.

Masaharu Niou Third-year Masaharu Niou is thought to be one of the scariest people on the court because of his tennis style. An all rounder, he specializes in trick play, hence the nickname “The Trickster”. He can guess an opponent’s move about 10 moves ahead.

Niou uses black wristbands that supposedly tap his potential and physical strength, and he refuses to take them off in any circumstances. In the manga, he pulls a switch with his doubles partner, Yagyuu, and the two impersonate each other’s appearance, persona and play style for half the game.

Bunta Marui is a third year volley specialist and self-proclaimed genius, cocky and cheerful. He has stamina issues, so he overdoses on sugar (such as bubblegum and sweets, according to the anime). He is almost always seen blowing bubblegum, even when he plays tennis. He plays doubles with his friend Jackal Kuwahara. Jirou Akutagawa of Hyotei idolizes Marui and bases his style off of Marui’s style, following a game they played in the Newcomers Tournament when they were both first years.

Jackal Kuwahara is half-Brazilian. This third-year is known as Rikkai Dai’s Iron Wall of Defense and plays doubles with his friend Marui. He shaves his head as a tribute to an old friend and often takes care of Kirihara off-courts (in fact, he was once slapped by Sanada when he lost track of Kirihara). In the fandom, Jackal is often sympathized with, as he isn’t usually listed in a list of characters.

Akaya Kirihara-Second-year- is often depicted as a demon, because his very aggressive play often hurts his opponent. His first appearance is very early in the manga’s run, when he mistakenly falls asleep on the bus on his way to school. Instead of getting off at Rikkai Dai, he wakes up at the last stop, which incidentally is Seishun Gakuen. He decides to check out the tennis club, and he causes quite a bit of trouble before he runs into Ryoma Echizen.

When he gets really excited about his matches and is able to fully concentrate, his eyes become bloodshot and his ability improves dramatically for a short span. This happens in the manga when Ryoma Echizen challenges him to an unofficial match before the matches between Seishun Gakuen and Rikkai Daigaku Fuzoku. Ultimately, Akaya is defeated by Ryoma’s State of Self-Actualization. He is defeated for a second time by Shusuke Fuji during the Kanto tournament finals match with Seigaku.

Akaya usually looks cheerful and happy-go-lucky, but this is a cover for his more aggressive side. Along with Niou, he is one of few who have stood up against Sanada. In the manga, he blocks Sanada’s hand with his racket to defend Renji after his loss to Inui.




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