Sassy Girl Choon-Yang

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Also known as Sassy Girl, Chyun HangDelightful Girl, Choon-Hyang stars Han Chae Young as Choon-Hyang and Jae Hee as Lee Mong-ryong. Two high school students cross paths when Lee Mong-Ryong transfers to Namwon High School for bad behavior. Mong-Ryong is a troublemaker and talented fighter, and his first day in Namwon he meets Choon-Hyang.

In a misunderstanding, Choon-Hyang breaks Mong-Ryong’s phone and in return, Mong-Ryong steals Choon-Hyang’s phone. Through this, the two students become enemies. But one night, while Choon-Hyang is sick in bed and Mong-Ryang is drunk, they accidentally sleep together and are forced into marriage. This series has everything; comedy, drama, romance, even action (Lee Mong-Ryong has many spectacular fight scenes).

This series is incredibly funny, giving it a light-hearted feel. Even though many elements of cinema were put into one drama, Delightful Girl, Choon-Hyang succeeds at meshing all of these elements together into a very entertaining package.The storyline is refreshing and more unique than most, but the basic premise is that two people coming from different backgrounds and have different love interests are forced into a marriage.

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Through this marriage, the two people learn to love each other, but there are constant problems with interfering love interests. Although the romance between Lee Mong-Ryong and Choon-Hyang is the focus of the series, there are some nice action scenes and it seems that actor who plays Lee Mong-Ryong is actually somewhat talented at fighting choreography (either that or he has a good stunt double).

The main characters are very likeable from the beginning. Choon-Hyang is the “delightful” and warm-hearted girl, one who also has somewhat of a “sassy” personality. Mong-Ryong is the typical troublemaker and hot-head that is also a scapegoat, but deep-down the audience can see that he is a good guy that has gone through some heartbreak. Mong-Ryang, ironically, is also the police chief’s son.

The supporting characters in this drama aren’t annoying or distracting, and they do have a big impact on the majority of the episodes. I didn’t feel any characters were useless or put in just for the occasional comedic humor. The one area where this series succeeds is its well-placed humor. Each character has their funny moments, and there are plenty of places where you will burst out laughing.

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The antagonists to Choon-Hyang and Mong-Ryong make the love relationship between the two main characters somewhat stressful, and this is central to the drama of the series. Chae-Rin, Mong-Ryong’s first love comes into his life to toy with his emotions, although she had previously not paid any romantic attention to him before he passed a state exam. Also Byeon Hak-do, a wealthy CEO, meets Choon-Hyang and does what he can to make her fall in love with him. You don’t really feel that the antagonists are malevolent in nature, which fits with the light-hearted mood of this soap opera.Drama aside, Delightful Girl, Choon-Hyang exudes a light-hearted and comedic tone.

The wide variety of humor, action, romance, and suspense will appeal to a general audience. Basically, there’s something for everyone in this series, and it doesn’t hurt that Han Chae Young is quite a lovely girl as well. Seriously, this series is a must-watch.

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